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General Office

Post Office Box 114
Canton, MS 39046
Fax 601.855.5477

Customer Service

127 W. Peace Street
8:00am – 5:00pm
Fax 601.855.5477

Operations Center

(24 Hours/7 Days)
225 N. Hargon Street

Call Before You Dig

Mississippi One Call
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Welcome to CMU For Your Business

Canton business utilities

Start / Move Service

If your business is new to the Canton Municipal Utilities service area or you are moving to a new location and need utilities turned on, please fill out and print the application provided below.



CMU’s Customer Service Center is located at 127 West Peace Street and we are open

Monday – Friday 8am-5pm. We look forward to your business.


*** All city and county inspections must be completed before CMU can connect the utilities.


Stop Service


If you are moving from the CMU area and need to cancel services for your business, please bring a photo ID to the CMU Customer Service Center during our operating hours, or clients can send a detailed email or fax including your name, social security number and signature to the business office. The business office fax number is 601-855-5477 and our email is Thank you for your business.



Billing & Payment


CMU currently offer 6 payment options, and the first three are the easiest.

  1. Pay online
  • Login instructions:
  • Go To
  • Click view account/ pay my bill
  • Type in Customer Number
  • Submit your password
  • Make sure to have your meter number because the website will ask customers to verify before payment.
  1. Establish an Automatic Payment Authorization (bank draft) (form in folder)
  2. Mail your payment to: P.O Box 114, Canton, MS 39046
  3. Night depository in front of the above building- accessible 24 hours a day
  4. Visit our business office 127 West Peace Street in Canton Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
  5. Pay at the following banks with no handling fee:

Trustmark: 648 East Peace Street OR 3319 South Liberty Street

Bank Plus: 3366 North Liberty Street

Regions: 147 East Peace Street

Renasant: 3330 South Liberty Street


Current bills only (paid on or before due date) can be accepted at the above banks. You must have your utility bill with you to pay at the banks and no partial payments or late payments are accepted.



Bills are sent monthly on the last day of each month. Failure to receive a bill does not release a customer from payment obligation. Please check with the Business Office if you have not received you bill by the 10th of the month.


The due date for payment of the bill is the 15th of each month. If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday observed by CMU, the next business day is held as a day of grace for payment. Remittance received by mail postmarked on the due date is not subject to a late charge. Payments made after the due date are subject to a late charge of $5.00.


A return check charge of $25.00 is assessed to the customer for each check returned to us by their bank for any reason. After 3 returned checks, no more will be accepted on the account.


If your service is terminated for non-payment, you will be required to pay:

Total amount due to CMU plus a $25.00 reconnection charge if you are reconnected during regular business hours or a $50.00 reconnection charge if after regular business hours.


Products and Services


Our employees are aware that service to our customers is our most important concern and always strive to provide that service with courtesy and efficiency. CMU employees are constantly undergoing training and attending classes and seminars to keep current with ever increasing certification and license requirements and technological advances. CMU crews are on call 24 hours per day, seven days a week to handle emergencies and related customer needs.

Technical Services


CMU has engineers and experts to assist and answer questions concerning utility services to home, business or industry.  They are available to review construction plans and documents at your convenience.  CMU requires all new services to be built to certain codes and specifications.  Please feel free to set up an appointment with CMU concerning your project.


Storms and Outages


Storms are a part of life in the South, but being without power is an inconvenience no one enjoys. Rest assured that when storms strike, we at CMU work hard to restore power to our customers as quickly and safely as possible. View storm-related resources below.

Visit our news related sites for recent outage updates

-CMU on twitter

-CMU on Facebook

-Safety Tips

-Frequently Asked Questions

-CMU emergency Services: 601-859-2474



Large Commercial, Industrial and Government


CMU is a publicly owned and operated company that strives to serve our Commercial, Industrial and Government customers.


Builders and Contractors


If you are planning to build in the canton community, CMU has comprised a list of recourses you might need in order to safely and efficiently complete your project.

Department of development number

Contact CMU engineering department

Water quality reports

Call before you dig #