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New Construction Services


Powering your Construction Site or New Home? Welcome – we are pleased to be your partner for power, gas, water, and waste water needs.

Obtaining temporary or permanent utility services? Following these steps will ensure a successful partnership in meeting your utility service needs.

Step One:

As soon as possible in your construction process, please submit your application in the manner most convenient for you.

  • By web: An online application form at  Please be prepared to provide all necessary information.
  • By fax: Complete the application form and fax it to 601-855-5477.
  • By phone: You can speak to a CMU representative by calling 601-859-2921. Please be prepared to provide all necessary information. The person responsible for the new account must place the call to CMU and be over 21 years of age.
  • In person: You can visit our Customer Service Center located at 127 West Peace Street from 8:00 -5:00 Monday – Friday. Please bring all required documents listed on your application.


Step Two:

We request that a deposit and service charge be paid for each temporary and permanent service along with any special fees, such as underground service costs. Deposit alternatives may be discussed with your CMU representative.


Step Three:

CMU may need to extend and/or install underground or overhead service lines to meet your needs. To avoid delays, please talk with your CMU representative as soon as possible because completion of these services could vary by multiple weeks. If your request pertains to underground service, you will need to contact CMU once the meter base is in place to schedule installation.


Step Four:

When all appropriate inspections have cleared, the permitting authority will need to notify CMU to authorize service connections.


Step Five:

CMU will schedule the connection of your service and meter installation based on weather and service workloads.


Helpful Facts You Need to Know:

  • Separate application forms must be submitted for both temporary and permanent service.
  • Meter locations will be designated by CMU for both temporary and permanent service.
  • Generally, all meter bases will be furnished by the customer or contractor. These should be approved by CMU before installation.
  • The customer or contractor is responsible for having the meter base installed and inspected. The structure must be marked with the permanent address. If there are multiple meter bases, the customer or contractor is responsible for marking each base with the appropriate permanent address. Please talk with your CMU representative for more details.
  • The customer or contractor is responsible for having the building permanently marked with the appropriate 911 address.


Additional charges may be incurred for:

•Underground service.

•Service to a location other than the one designated by CMU or one that requires special service requirements.

•Temporary construction service that is not readily available.